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Wireless plans that will fit your needs


The Extreme Plan - 1000GB of DATA! Designed for the household that has multiple streamers, gamers, and those that want the most out of their internet!

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The Streamer Plan - 500GB of data! This is designed for the household that has a couple streamers, gamers, and general internet uses. Our most popular plan!

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The Surfer Plan - 100GB of data! This is designed for basic internet use. Doesn't support streaming, but will provide great access to other sites and internet use.

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*applicable taxes and fees are additional, Terms and Conditions Apply, 12 month term commitment

Viser managed WiFi service available for $8.95/m plus $49.95 setup fee
Standard Residential Installation - Includes site survey, assembly of subscriber equipment, up to 25' of network cable, one common structure penetration for cable routing, weather sealant, subscriber module connection to router or PC, and testing installed equipment. Subscriber may request additional cable installation at a rate of $.50/ft + $60/h.
Non-Standard Residential Installation - Includes site survey, a cost estimate for installation will be provided to you to continue with installation.
Due at Installation - First month's service, SM cost (Rental or Purchase) any optional equipment and installation costs
Subscriber Module Options - Rental: $5.99 Purchase: $150

What are your current speeds?

What a few customers have to say about us:

"The last time I called in, I got a call back in a reasonable amount of time and the guy I talked to was very personable, patient, and helpful. And he made sure to ask if I had any more questions before we said 'good-bye'. I appreciate that level of service."

Brigid O.
Viser Customer

"Prompt response to service inquiries, either by phone or online! Polite informative service representatives. We're glad these people stepped up and invested their futures in providing our area with internet service. In today's fast and sometimes impolite world it's nice to receive such service as provided by Viser."

Peter K.
Viser Customer

"Last time I called, without my even asking if I had the latest and greatest. they saw that a better antenna was available, and came and installed it"

William V.
Viser Customer

"After years of dealing with poor customer service and poor connection speeds with Hughesnet I finally had enough. I made the switch to Viser and could not be any happier. I am getting faster connection speeds and more data or less money! Viser's customer service is top notch, any time I need anything they are only a call away!"

Dustin C.
Viser Customer

"The only time I called (it was after normal work hours) my call was promptly answered and the issue was corrected in a short amount of time. The service vastly exceeded my expectations."

Denita W.
Viser Customer

"We have been very happy with Viser ever since it's inception! The last big power outage we had knocked several electronic devices out of wack including our router. Kameron was on it very quickly to resolve my problems and since then our internet has been even faster, if that's possible! Thank you Viser for your enduring and professional customer/technical service and friendliness!"

Molly A.
Viser Customer

"Lost internet reception after a lightning storm. Called Viser expecting to get a recording but actually talked with a live person. After a few attempts to locate the problem over the phone a serviceman came out and solved the problem that same evening. He checked everything out and after the repair he didn't think my signal was as strong as it should be. He grabbed a ladder off the truck and went up near the second story roof at 8pm and adjusted the antenna. Awesome customer service you rarely see today."

Bill S.
Viser Customer

What can you do with data?

We offer a huge amount of data, let us show you.

You can do a lot with the data. Pick the plan that is right for you.
Can't decide? Don't hesitate and contact us so one of our Customer Care Representatives can help you decide the perfect plan for you.

Do you have some possibilities in mind?

We are always looking for new locations! Do you have some property in a city we can place some fiber equipment, or own some land on a hill/mountain that we can place a tower? Let us know what you have!
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This is how we get you wireless

Who’s getting faster Internet first? It could be you and your neighbors. Let us explain how it works.By doing our survey and registering, you show us where demand for our services is greatest. 

Where we see great demand we will do an in-depth assessment of the feasibility of building our network there and if viable we will build first to those who want it most. So keep on encouraging your neighbors to take our survey and registering for services. The more there are of you, the greater the chance of getting connected to our fast and reliable network.

We need to know where you are to see if you are in our service area. Techs will take a look at your location and verify you are in our wireless service area.

Fill out the contact form to let us know you're interested in getting service. Please ensure you fill out all required sections so we can help you quickly.

Once we verify you are in our service are, you will receive an email letting you know we added you to our Site Survey List.


You were notified that we added you to the Site Survey List! We usually complete site surveys in a few days, but it can take up to a week depending on weather.

It's one thing to be in our service area, and another to actually have line of sight to our towers. Trees, bushes, buildings, and the like can cause issues with the line of sight to our towers and make it impossible to get you connected.

This phase verifies you have LOS to our towers and makes sure we don't need any special equipment to get you installed.


Site Survey is good! Now it's time to get you scheduled!

A Customer Care Representative will be contacting you to get scheduled for installation.

You will get contacted by a customer care representative by phone or email to schedule your installation. They will let you know if you need any special equipment for your installation and will go over costs with you.

Costs due on installation include 3 items: Installation, Equipment, and Service Plan

Installation Phase

You are getting installed and getting hooked up to our amazing network!

Welcome to Viser, "The Future of Internet Access"

Once you are installed, you will receive an email letting you know how to create a portal account so you can manage your bills and information online.

Our amazing techs come out and complete a professional installation!
1. We will go over our installation plan with you (Cable route, mounting location, and more) to get your approval
2. We get you installed
3. We verify your internet is working
4. We set up the router if you purchased one from us
5. We help you connect your devices
6. We clean up any mess we created and leave you with a smile on your face!

Submit Information

Send in the contact form filled with your information

Site Survey

You are in our service area, now we need to see if you have line of sight to our towers.


Perfect, you have line of sight to one of our towers! Time to get you scheduled for installation.

Get Connected!

Congratulations! You are now connected to the Viser Network!

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Do you have a question? Contact us now!

Are you a current customer? Log in to your Portal and submit a ticket.

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Check out Frequently Asked Questions in the FAQ Page!