Summit, are you ready to experience the future of internet service?

Your area is in Phase 1!

Summit Loop

Sunset Hills

Shadow Hills

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Summit Lane

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Parrish Gap

Other Nearby Areas

Sign Up and Prepayment Phase

You were notified that we want to bring fiber to your area. Now it is time to sign up for internet access and get sweet deals on installation and other costs. Sign up for fiber construction, pay the fees, and get ready for faster internet!

We need some real numbers when it comes to future customer count in the area. Sign up and get special deals for early adopters. Save money, and get incentives to get the construction fee credited to your initial bill. What does that mean? That means you were just hooked up to fiber for FREE!!!!!

All prepayments must be in before July 31st. Discounts and incentives end after July 31st.

Installation Pricing Options

Prepayment due before July 31st
Early Bird:

$500 Construction fee (Standard Install)

Incentive Option 1:

$1000 Construction fee (Standard Install)

$750 in Credit
Incentive Option 2:

$2000 Construction fee (Standard Install)

$2500 in Credit

*Credit is added to your account after construction and installation is completed in your area

Construction Phase

We are building fiber in your area! High speed fiber internet access is right around the corner!

Aerial and underground work is being completed to bring TrueFiber to your area! We will keep you up to date on whats happening and will let you know as soon as we are ready to schedule your installation!

You will see our trucks and professionals driving around your area installing our equipment!

Installation Phase

The time has come! We are coming to install fiber at your location!

You are getting fiber installed! We are bringing fiber straight to your house! Something most ISP's don't do. We are future proofing your internet service. Prepare to be amazed by the capabilities your internet is about to achieve!

Sign Up and Prepayment

You’re getting closer to getting your better connection! Sign-up for your new service and convince your neighbors to do the same and we will soon be deploying your area.


Well done! You’ve passed the threshold of our feasibility assessment and the build-out in your area begins.

Get Connected!

Congratulations! You and your neighbors are now surfing at lightning-speed!


Do you have more information available?

We do! We have a 12 page PDF that has more in depth information for your area. Download the PDF below

Summit Loop Build

How many people do you need on a street to make it worthwhile to add to the construction process?

We are open to expanding construction to areas near the planned build. To be included in the construction we require 70% of the street/area to sign up for service. If you have questions if your area can be included, please email us at

What type of change would I see from my bill and service from switching to fiber from wireless?

That depends on what your current wireless plan is. We will be releasing fiber plans for your area very soon so you will be able to make an informed decision.

What does this mean for existing wireless customers?

This means you now have the option to get on gigabit fiber. One of our company goals is to bring our fiber to as many wireless customers as possible so they can experience the benefits of fiber. This option is now on the table for your area, are you ready?

When will construction start?

Construction for your area will start in mid July.